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Tour Management

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Tutis Security Services Limited is proud to be able to tailor a specific tour management service to suit the individual nature and needs of any live performance, appearance or promotional tour.

The high level of personal and financial investment required to make a band a success in today’s market, means the appointment of a dedicated and experienced tour manager, to oversee the efficient day to day running of a busy schedule, is essential.

Tutis supplies tour managers from a select group of professionals with versatile interpersonal skills and notable experience. They each have the ability to play many roles, often at the same time, including: organiser, problem solver, mediator, financial controller, counsellor, media liaison and driver.

Ensuring the wellbeing of band members whilst simultaneously managing a myriad of production, logistic, and budget requirements, amongst other things, means that our tour managers are crucial to keeping itineraries on track and stakeholders happy.

Whether it’s a one-off media engagement or a global concert tour, Tutis would openly encourage pre tour discussions for an effective tour management solution that best suits your clients’ needs.

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