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Why trust us to protect your business?

When you leave your premises unattended at night or over the weekend you are well aware that they may become a prime target for criminal activity such as theft, trespass or vandalism etc.

With expensive computers, printers, vehicles and other equipment on site any business can be appealing to opportunists. You may already have an alarm system but do you really want to have to attend your premises in the middle of the night if there is an alarm activation?

At Tutis Security Services we have spent the last several years dedicating ourselves to protecting our clients their property and their people. We are trusted by many different companies and organisations in the leisure, industrial, construction and retail sector to keep their businesses safe and secure.

We offer security guarding and property protection nationwide and only use experienced guards that are all trained to a high standard and receive round the clock supervision from experts at our HQ.

We also include free site signs as an added extra to inform potential intruders that your site is guarded and If needed we also have specialist dog units, which can be deployed to provide extra protection.

If you would like to get in touch with us about Security Guarding or any of our other services including Door Supervision, Mobile Patrols, Key Holding and Event Security please contact us via the website or call us.

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