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Family Law Specialist.

Tutis Security Services Limited have family law specialists who will provide professional, discreet assistance in matrimonial, infidelity and child custody matters.

Our family law specialists knows that where significant wealth is at stake, not only can problems be extremely draining emotionally and financially, they also have the potential to damage careers. Our family law team specialise in assisting UK and international high net worth and high profile individuals.

We advise with discretion and sensitivity and can utilise a multitude of professional services ranging from providing covert surveillance teams to obtain evidential footage of matrimonial infidelity taking place, to countering electronic surveillance if you feel your partner may be the one spying on you.

If it becomes necessary to take an issue to Court, then our family law experts can work with your legal team, ensuring all evidence is compiled in accordance with legislation and ready for admission in proceedings. If you do not have lawyers in place, we have close links with a number of specialist divorce lawyers.

Our range of services includes:
Lifestyle Reports
Co-habitation reports
Background checks
Polygraph testing (Lie Detection)


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