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Eight Levels of threat

What are the ‘Eight’ levels of threat facing today’s Celebrities…
A Celebrity is a company asset, they make money for all concerned within their circle, making sure you hire the right company, detail or individual to look after them, is not so easy…

Employ a company that know what they’re talking about, never meet them at your home (this will create a security breach), arrange to meet somewhere convenient for example a hotel, answer all their questions as honestly as you can, be prepared, ask as many questions as possible, set yourself a realistic budget, remember you get what you pay for…

You will notice quite quickly that most threat levels can be resolved once the right close protection company is employed to protect your asset, your client.

The close protection operative’s (bodyguard’s) duty is to avoid confrontation at all costs…

Level One – Over zealous fans, All Celebrities have encountered this, but can, if not handled correctly develop into a media frenzy when weak protection is used and people get hurt.

Level Two – Seeking the limelight, X Factor – Disruption – for what ever reason given by Calvin Harris, the real fact is he wanted his 15 minutes of fame.

Level Three – Stage invasion / Assault, Robbie Williams, Noel Gallagher, assaulted on stage, Complacency, Poor protection has a knock on effect, and the artist ends up paying the price.

Level Four – Punched in the face, Assault, Leona Lewis hit by Peter Kowalczyk, he smiled as he was led away, got his 15 minutes of fame.

Level Five – Jealousy, Terri Seymour ex girlfriend of Simon Cowell, Tracy Shaw from Coronation Street, This individual usually comes out of the blue, they attack without any provocation. Can be deadly.

Level Six – Stalking, unstable minded individuals, can escalate from infatuation to murder — this is not about getting their 15 minutes of fame.

Level Seven – Kidnapping, David Letterman, Russell Crowe, Madonna, Steven Spielberg, Victoria Beckham, All were under direct threat, Frank Sinatra Jr was kidnapped and a ransom was paid by his father, Reason: financial gain.

Level Eight – Murder, John Lennon Stalked and Murdered by Mark David Chapman.

Re-Assess celebrity protection and celebrity bodyguards;

At this moment in time protection is either a low priority in your budget or you are employing someone who just looks the part, the knock on effect is low pay or poor service, a negative image or ill service is received.

Remember you only get what you pay for…

What’s the remedy?
Call Tutis Security Services Limited, today…

All protection operatives employed by Tutis will have:
Excellent training within their given field
Forethought, be able to think and look ahead
Common Sense

All these attributes are needed to make an excellent close protection operative (bodyguard).

Our detail or personal protection operative will have:

Awareness of the press and your perceived image in mind.

The ability to keep calm and be able to take control.

Knowledge of Crowd Management Control.

Excellent team working skills.

Be able to improvise.

Knowledge of the industry they are working in.

Discretion, Confidentiality is paramount.

Excellent communication skills.

The ability to blend in (Covert) and ability to stand out (Overt).

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