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Door supervisor advance fee scam

A company claiming to offer free door supervisor training, a free SIA door supervisor licence, and the offer of employment. On application, the company asks for the applicant to pay £50 towards the cost of a criminal record check.

Be cautious of any company which asks you to pay money up front when offering employment. Your payment may not be protected and you may lose your money.

Please Note:

  • The SIA does not issue ‘SIA Student Cards’ or ‘SIA Trainee Cards’.
  • The cost of a criminal record check is included in the SIA licence application fee. It is the SIA that carries out the criminal records check for licence applicants.
  • To apply for an SIA door supervisor licence an applicant must have completed an approved training course and attained a recognised qualification.
  • If you are looking for a training company that offers the door supervisor training, we recommend that you use the list on the SIA website.
  • If you are unsure about a training company, check the company with the qualification awarding body that oversees the training company; such as Edexel or HABC etc.
  • Before parting with any money, or making a payment at a PayPoint, check that the company is genuine, check that it exists, check that the address is real.
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