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Celebrity stalking – Don’t take risks with your safety…

Maybe this will be the time they’ll try to make good on their threats…

All the Celebrities listed below have been stalked; a restraining order is just a piece of paper, it won’t stop most crazy individual’s intent on doing harm.

The solution… Employ the right security company, Tutis Security Services Limited…

Justin Timberlake Stalked by: Karen J. McNeil

Sheryl Crow Stalked by: Ambrose Kappos

Janet Jackson Stalked by: Gardner

Richard Gere Stalked by: Habbishaw
Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Love
Hewitt Stalked by: Diana Napolis

Halle Berry Stalked by: Greg Broussard

Uma Thurman Stalked by: Jack Jordan

A restraining order probably isn’t going to be that effective when you’re dealing with a stalker, due to the fact they are suffering mental issues, but it starts the legal process.

If an individual has reached the point that they are actually stalking someone, it’s highly unlikely that a piece of paper, regardless of where it comes from, is going to make that person suddenly realise the insanity of their actions, sometimes it just escalates the threats.

So, what do you do if you or your artist is being stalked?

Police departments and judges will provide some help (we highly suggest utilising them), but assume responsibility for your own self-protection.
Restraining orders may actually not achieve any results, given that they can enrage some stalkers and most will violate the order anyway.

So what’s the remedy?
IMPORTANT; If you or your artist have received any form of threat or feel that you or your artist have been followed, please contact us immediately, we will put an immediate protection detail in place and will determine quickly if you are indeed being stalked, don’t take chances when it comes to your safety or security… We wont take chances with your safety!

Tutis Security prides ourselves in having the right ingredients, we have pride in our operatives and pride in our profession.

We have reached a target of being the very best at what we do, we are the professionals…

Its about training, training and then more training, we ensure our celebrity close protection operatives (bodyguards) have what it takes, if they don’t, we don’t use them.

We make sure they have knowledge of the industry they are working in.
They will have loyalty to all parties, Tutis Security Services Limited, Record label, Management Company, Celebrity, Artist, band, etc…

The operative must be Presentable, have Integrity, Professionalism, Reliability, Politeness, Firmness and Protocol.

The key component when Tutis supply celebrity close protection operatives is to make sure that our operatives take pride in their work, profession and aspire to be ONLY the best…

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